Looking for builders!11/09/2016

Hey guys, as of now I am currently looking for builders who are able to make things such as ruins, houses (Medieval), trees and add detail to the terrain for things such as KOTHs. Please post a builder application on the forums if you are interested with SCREENSHOTS OR VIDEOS of previous builds.

August F Top Winners & World Downloader1/09/2016

With a grand total of $1,080,410,500, Vortex claims first place in f top. Their owner - MultiiFire, will be given the $50 coupon. I am excited to see what this month will bring to the server!

After many rants, complaints, and suggestions, we have decided to enable World Downloader to be used aswell.


This Months Winner: lcoNs1/08/2016

With a grand total of $605,611,500, lcoNs claims first place in f top after raiding Poseidon & assisting raid PandaSquad all in 1 day. Their owner - FlexZee, will be given the $50 coupon. I am exited to see what this month will bring to the server!

Best of luck, 

Cannon Testing Release?31/07/2016

We are happy to announce we will be releasing a beta test to our cannon testing server! The primary goal for this is to resolve any bugs and stress-test the server in a realistic situation. Please expect bugs and lag. Please note as this is a beta stage many different problems could occur and although it is unlikely, events such as having to reset the world could occur. During the beta everyone will have access to world-edit to aid stress-testing. Once we finish our beta stages world-edit will require voting to unlock.

End of the month #1 F Top1/09/2016

As the end of July is near (Tomorrow), we will be giving the richest faction on /f top (Only #1) a $50 coupon to be spent on the BuyCraft. The coupon will be given to the leader of the faction who can spend it or split it with his faction however he would like. Every month the top faction will receive a $50 coupon.

At the end of every reset the top 3 factions will also receive coupons.
#1 - $200

#2 - $100
#3 - $50

New Forums!18/04/2016

We are happy to announce we now have a new website! Be sure to register, if you wish to post anything.