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  1. chronosrank
    When is reset plzz tell me
  2. MysteriousGoat
  3. 16v
  4. ImGood4You
    16v it got denied. Thats faked and he is now banned.
  5. 16v
    Who cleard my brothers missing rank post??
  6. pandaboy619
  7. MysteriousGoat
  8. ImGood4You
  9. RelentlessHD
  10. Two4123
  11. VoteKanye2020
    Helper on MaplecraftMC. Thats about it...
  12. King_Gamer_1st
    King_Gamer_1st Jakemon123
    What @Two4123 said and there is a reason why we have a TeamSpeak. This is to stop staff from having to give out their personal Skype as this could be leaked etc.
    And, from my knowledge you have DDoSed someone in the past. Knowing you and your previous "endeavours", it is most likely that you would attempt to send Canadian some kind of IP Grabber (especially if you got declined the refund).
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  13. Two4123
    @Jakemon123 we do not do refunds, especially when you have had your rank for at least a few months.
  14. Jakemon123
    iHunt does random ( SS Checkups)
  15. Jakemon123
    Jakemon123 CanadianCraftMC
    can you please contact me threw skype: [CENSORED] i want refund and i have a reasons im not open to discussion on this website only on skype. Thanks jakemon123
  16. MysteriousGoat
  17. MysteriousGoat
    Hello! I'm new to MapleCraft!
  18. MightyWitherKing
    I hunt or better than two lmao
  19. MightyWitherKing
    Two, ur not big. Ha he got unbanned.
  20. ImperfectChip
    Rip my computer... Snapped in half theres no more screen and I cant afford a new one... #ProblemsWithImperfectChip