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Do you think i am a good builder :D

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  1. Gaklio

    Gaklio Member

    1: IGN:

    2: Age:

    3: Timezone:

    4: Do you have Skype? (yes/or) Required to be accepted!

    5: Have you ever been a builder on another server (If so list):
    No but i am a pretty good builder.

    6: Tell us about yourself:
    I am a pretty cool guy. I am really good at building and like minecraft. I like games and afterschool sports and activities. I have been playing minecraft for a long time and know how to build.

    7: Please include pictures of previous builds [Required]
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  2. RecklessApple

    RecklessApple Member

    These are basic designs... Try making more advanced buildings.
  3. two4123

    two4123 Guest

    As Reckless has stated these are kind of basic, I would rate them 6/10
  4. Gaklio

    Gaklio Member

    I will add a more advanced design when I get home thanks for the responses.
  5. YungChild

    YungChild OPFactions Moderator Staff Member OPFactions Moderator

    +1 some nice builds
  6. Gaklio

    Gaklio Member

  7. iSlayLads

    iSlayLads Member

  8. Gaklio

    Gaklio Member

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  9. Gaklio

    Gaklio Member

    I am currently working on a project for a decent spawn.

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