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Discussion in 'Complaints' started by xBloodSamurai, Dec 28, 2016.

  1. xBloodSamurai

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    IGN: xBloodSamurai
    disclaimer, i am new to the server hence why i didn't know how to use the crate.
    So i purchased 1x Holiday crate and i received the item as a snowball, i was under the assumption that you could use it wherever, it doesn't specify you need to use it at the spawn crates so i right clicked it in my base and of course, nothing happened. I spoke to Flawless, the Jnr Admin and he said he would try and sort it out for me so now i'm waiting for my key. thank you (and Flawless can confirm i purchased it, he was in game when the payment came through and was announced in chat)

    i recommend changing the crate item, or making it so you can use it anywhere so this doesn't happen to other players
  2. StrenghtyPvP

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  3. FlawlessCombos

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    Yes I watched him open it and I remember the chat notification also I think I have screenshot of it being purchased, You are currently banned so you will most likely receive this when you are unbanned.
  4. xBloodSamurai

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    no way i got a response 12 days later :D thanks guys, appreciate the follow up
  5. Two4123

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    Has this been resolved or are you still waiting?
  6. xBloodSamurai

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    Two4123~ as flaw stated i've been smacked by the ban hammer so i can't say, i assume it has been sorted
  7. YungChild

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    The problem is I don't think the crate is on the store so you will probably get a new one and not the one you bought

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