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Discussion in 'Helper Applications' started by ThoughtFulll, Dec 13, 2016.

  1. ThoughtFulll

    ThoughtFulll Member

    Are we not geting anymore staff?
  2. Dawson_Damian

    Dawson_Damian OPFactions Moderator Staff Member OPFactions Moderator

    I see you have added more info since I last read this so +1
  3. RecklessApple

    RecklessApple Member

    Be patient.
  4. YungChild

    YungChild OPFactions Moderator Staff Member OPFactions Moderator

    You are very toxic to me personally in game -1
  5. Oh7/RiipTiiX

    Oh7/RiipTiiX Member

    +1 nice ingame and always tries to help in chat! never seen any toxiticy. gl
  6. Axiee

    Axiee Member

    why does everyone think that length is everything? i dont understand how someone can just glance at an app and determine if it good or not. LENGTH DOESNT MATTER ITS WHAT YOU WROTE THAT WILL HELP THE STAFF MEMBERS MAKE A DECISION
  7. Fish4Supper

    Fish4Supper Member

  8. Axiee

    Axiee Member

    WOW fish, you really showed everyone that video i made? im dissapointed
  9. Fish4Supper

    Fish4Supper Member

    i care because? I told you what would happen and look now :)
  10. ImperfectChip

    ImperfectChip OPFactions Helper Staff Member OPFactions Helper

    Somewhat decent application

    Very immature- Tried to get me demoted for "Racism" and "DDos Threats" Neither what I did because I kicked him from the factions
    No prior experience
    Still toxic
    Needs more info 8 & 10
    List your time schedule
    A bit young
    Honestly I think you lied about your age
    Minor Spelling issues
  11. PapaSny

    PapaSny Member

    I second that.
  12. ThoughtFulll

    ThoughtFulll Member

    i did not pagarised u did say something that was racism listen its still racist no matter what u say, im 14 and a squeaker im only toxic to you because u kicked me for a joke
  13. ThoughtFulll

    ThoughtFulll Member

    and ur just on imperfectchip side on this so chill u know i would make good staff u have told me many time u see me helping more then some staff do tbh. Your all just dont want me to get staff
  14. ThoughtFulll

    ThoughtFulll Member

    and i just added my schedule. and if u want to look at this https://gyazo.com/a70e921a8d848b9ccaefa7731dc14a63 when i uploaded that vid u said this and u should not say what you do say as a staff member.
  15. ImperfectChip

    ImperfectChip OPFactions Helper Staff Member OPFactions Helper

    hahahaha- Like I said your immature and cannot get over a topic- we should not be fighting on here and if u feel that way then talk to me about it somewhere else. I honestly say the things you just said you should delete- It won't help u in any way it will just make it worse... I have never said you would be better then any staff- I am good friends with all the staff and think they're all great- Never seen u do anything staff related so I don't have an opinion on you. That's my honest opinion... Also, the way you go about with things like you do at the current moment you have no chance of being staff... Staff should be able to sweep things to the side and let things go and not take them to the heart as you do. We don't want immature staff. Best of luck though
  16. ThoughtFulll

    ThoughtFulll Member

    i have tryed to talk to u. you move me out of the ts or not move in with me i was not talking about u when i said u know i would be good staff i was talking to papa and i never said better then all i said some.
  17. Dawson_Damian

    Dawson_Damian OPFactions Moderator Staff Member OPFactions Moderator

    Imperfect and ThoughtFull you have both dragged this on longer then it has needed to go so can you both just drop it

    End of discussion
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  18. Sarb

    Sarb Member

    +1 decent at ssing I guess and he's not THAT toxic anymore
  19. That is the human brain to blame. The human brain thinks big things = good things.
  20. Mitch4258

    Mitch4258 Member

    Very toxic in game from what I have seen in chant haven't had much personal contact though.

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