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Discussion in 'Youtuber Applications' started by TrueRenndy, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. TrueRenndy

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    1) Ign TrueRenndy
    2) YouTube Channel Link
    3) How often will you post videos on MapleCraft: I haven't been active in youtube since my PC Broke but im getting it back and FIXED this weekend after that imma record twice a day if not daily ;)

    Video #1

    Video #2
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  2. Two4123

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    Please post a video or to show your dedication and confirm it is your account.
  3. RecklessApple

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    You need to upload videos of Maple in order to be accepted.
  4. King_Gamer_1st

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    Like the 2 have said above, you'll need to record videos on Maple.

    Your channel seems good. Enough subs and views. Although the views are pretty inconsistent. When you upload a "pack release" video it gets around 700-1K views but when you upload pretty much any other type of video it only gets around 100+ views. This does change sometimes however.
    Your only Maple videos from what I've found are just giveaways and not actual videos.
    I've also noticed that you tend to re-upload a lot of server trailers (perhaps in the hopes you get YouTuber Rank) so your might not have much "loyalty" towards the server :/

    So unless you change your "style" then I don't think you'll get many views on regular, consistent videos...

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