Revamp and Release

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Many people have been talking about what will actually happen for the revamp, whether the server will change drastically or if using the word revamp is just a marketing strategy. Here in this post will hopefully clear up and questions about the release.

When will the server be released?
I regret to inform that a date has not been set. We have had a few setbacks with different things. Even with this and everyone's anticipation of the server, we do not want to rush it. We want our server to be at a minimum in a good working condition when we open to give players a smooth experience and remove any bugs that may be possible. We understand that players are waiting to be able to play the server but we want to offer you a quality server to play on, not a rushed one.

As a beta tester when will I be able to come on?
As a beta tester, you will get early access to the server to help ensure that the release is smooth. With no set date of when the server will open I can not...
Frequently Asked Questions.
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Frequently asked questions


Here at MapleCraft, we get asked lots of questions. To make it easier for both the MapleCraft Staff Team and the players, we decided to create this thread covering the most asked questions.
If you have a question that you think should be up to here to help players and isn't, then please privately message a Manager with the title 'FAQ Addition'. These are updated regularly as and when needed.

Who is the Owner?
The owner is @Ian_D95.

Who is the manager?
Our Manager is @DrR3D.

Server IP:

Where do I buy ranks and other stuff?
To purchase ranks and other items...