Frequently Asked Questions.

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Frequently asked questions


Here at MapleCraft, we get asked lots of questions. To make it easier for both the MapleCraft Staff Team and the players, we decided to create this thread covering the most asked questions.
If you have a question that you think should be up to here to help players and isn't, then please privately message a Manager with the title 'FAQ Addition'. These are updated regularly as and when needed.

Who is the Owner?
The owner is @Ian_D95.

Who is the manager?
Our Manager is @DrR3D.

Server IP:

Where do I buy ranks and other stuff?
To purchase ranks and other items, please visit our shop here.

What are the rules?
You can find all of our rules here.

I have found someone breaking the rules what do I do?
If you have found someone breaking the rules you can file a report here.

I have found a bug who do I tell?
If you have found a bug, glitch or exploit, please report it to a member of staff here.

What is a Helper?
Helpers are a form of player support and are the first contact for any problems. Their primary job is to help the players, by answering questions or explaining things you may be unsure of, such as our rules.

How can I apply to become staff?
To apply for a staff position, please refer to our Application Format here.

How can I become Forums Moderator?
Forums Moderator is subjective rank, with users being chosen by a Manager. You may not apply to become a Forums Moderator.

How do I become a Youtuber?
To apply for our Youtube Rank, please refer to our Application Format here.

What does being a Youtuber mean?
MapleCraft Youtubers are given a special rank. This does not give them any special permissions other than the ability to have a Youtuber tag. As a YouTuber, they do have the ability to gain vouchers and small perks for helping the server.

I have a problem purchasing on the store
This can be quite common and hopefully, your problem can be found here.
If your problem is not on there you can create a ticket in-game and a member of staff will be assigned to support you.

What do I do if I have been banned?
If you have been banned then there are three things you can do. If you believe it was an unjustified ban and you should be unbanned, then please appeal your ban here. If you were banned for a justified reason then you must wait out your ban, or buy an unban from the store here.

What is Forums donator and how do I get it?
Forums donator is a small thing we have added on to the forums to give users some extra abilities to make things a little more exciting for users. Donate by clicking your name in the top right corner > Account details > Account upgrades or click the Forums Donation button at the top.


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Not open for further replies.