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  • Precision CNC parts with high quality
    Part Number: GJ-T008
    Part Name: Precision CNC parts with high quality
    Dimension: Φ55.44*20.57 mm
    Raw material: 12L14
    Minimum tolerance 0.005mm
    Surface treatment Electroless nickel
    Application Hydraulic equipment, automotive
    Delivery time 15 days for samples, 30 days for mass production
    Capacity 200000 pchttp://www.goodjcnc.com/turning-parts/
    FOBLED Lighting Limited was founded in 2011, a high-tech manufacturer and supplier that focus on lighting market of R&D, production, marketing and service which is a rapidly developing advanced technology enterprise located in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.
    A medium-sized factory with 2000.00 sq.m, with sephttp://www.fobled.com/
    Bearing N0. Dimensions(mm)
    SKF d D B C
    DAC124000183 C-00187 12 40 18.3 18.3
    DAC20420030/29 565592 56592 J22 20 42 30 29
    DAC205000206 156704 320104 50 20.6 20.6
    DAC255200206 617546A 25 52 20.6 20.6
    DAC25520037 546467/576467 VKBA869 37 37
    DAC25520040 40 40
    DAC25520042 42 42
    DAC25520043 43 43
    IPX5 IPX6 Water Jet Nozzle
    Product details: Model ZLT-JL2.
    Jet nozzle Set consists of a jet handle that is equipped with a pressure gauge and an easy-to-adjust flow valve. The interchangeable nozzles assemble easily to the jet handle. The nozzles are made from stainless steel.
    Pressure Gahttp://www.labtestmachine.com/test-equipment/
    HONGDING ADHESIVE CO.,LTD.is a professional chemical factory which dedicates to develop environmental latex paint products for construction.
    Decoration and furniture products .our company was established in 1996.Since then,it has continuously grown and developed to be a medium-scale professional latex manufacturer.
    Until now,we have been honored as “High Qualihttp://www.hd-adhesive.com/
    Internal combustion machine oil viscosity modifier
    SCR-602 is a solution of polymethacrylate (PMA) in deeply refined mineral oil, with excellent thickening effect. Suitable for blending of hydraulic oil, and quality internal combustion machine oil, refrigerator oil and transformer oil. Duel effects of depressing pour point and thickening with small dose, highly cost effective.
    Zolay Rubber Belt Factory
    Zolay International Trading Co.,Ltd History-1966
    ● Tiantai Rubber Belt Factory
    ● A Collective Enterprise
    ● Main Business: Rubber V Belts Production History-1988
    ● Hubei Zolay Rubber Co.Ltd
    ● A Private Enterprise
    ● Main Business: Sell Rubber V Belts, Rubber Conveyor Belts, Rubber Tires
    ● Tiantai Zolay Rubbhttp://www.zolayrubber.com/
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