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Cordierite Ceramic suppliers

Cordierite Ceramic
Global Ceramic offer cordierite materials with dense and porous structures, all of which are distinguished by an outstanding thermal shock resistance, while at the same time having high heat resistance and electrical insulation strength.
Cordierite Ceramic are grouped in to C 410, C 511, C 520 and C 530
In accordance with C 410, C 511, C 520 and C 530 in compliance with IEC 672 are ceramic materials on the basis of cordierite, a magnesium aluminium silicate mineral with extremely low thermal expansion. In addition, they contain additives of mullite, corundum and silicon carbide.
Why choose Cordierite materials
●outstanding thermal shock resistance
●high degree of electrical insulation strength
●corrosion resistance
●high heat resistance (C 530 up to 1300 °C, specialities up to 1600 °C)
●comparatively lower production costs
Ceramic bobbin for water heater
Ceramic bobbin heater is made of porous cordierite (C520) ceramic heating element with wire.
It heat liquids or semi-solid materials such as water, oil, wax, fats, and bitumen. These heaters are mainly used for direct heating of air and indirect heating of liquids and gases where the element is fitted into a pocket in the process tank or system so that the element may be replaced without draining down the system or vessel.
Why choose Global Ceramic?
Dry Pressed Molding with high mechanical strength
Lower production cost
Fast delivery with large quantityCordierite Ceramic suppliers