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Helpop Command Should be Added!

I think the server should have a Helpop command and here's why!

Adding this plugin will be beneficial to the server because most of the YouTubers advertising the server come from HCF servers but this is factions. A lot of players may be new to factions and don't even know what Mcmmo is. Most HCF players know what the Helpop command is and when they send one it stands out for the staff to see and help the players ASAP. Going from the server first going live today to now 12:00 at night, the player count has been drastically slaughtered! I having this simple command could of saved us all some trouble and time.

I've seen a lot of players messages unansweredby numerous players and staff alike (myself included). I'm making a stand right here and now! I humbly request the link to the servers Discord and what is the command to get custom enchants!?
~Thanks ;3