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Irishluck's Staff Application



Is your Minecraft account secured and migrated? If so, when was it migrated?:
Yes my Minecraft account is secured and migrated it was migrated in 2015-2016.


Are you multilingual (fluent, not learning)? If so, what language?:
I am multilingual and English is my 2nd language which would be day/eveningUrdu, English and a bit of french.

Do you have Discord and a working microphone? If so, what is your Discord ID?:
I have discord and a working microphone and my discord Id Is Irishluck#1067 I also have other contact info if you would like it.
Such as Skype, email, snap etc.

Have you ever received any punishments on MapleCraft?, If so, what for and when?:
Yes I have been false banned once for chunk buster my base while been raided but I got unbanned by admin since it was false ban.

Why should we choose you to become staff? and In what way could you positively affect our community? Also Why are you applying for a staff position on MapleCraft?:
Well, I am allying for this position is I stand out from most staff members is that well I know how to find vape to an extent and other major clients out there without a lot of effort. Also, I am willing to devote a lot of time to this server I should be on for 3-5 hours every day. Plus I just have too much time on my hands, I also have had a playtime of over 2-3 hours every day. In every network that I've ever worked for, I was always the most active person, staying on as long as I can, I love helping people, and seeing them having fun. Also, I am also about teamwork and love to help anyone in need of assistance or is in any trouble wherever I can. I love multitasking it is possibly one of my skilled qualities plus it could benefit the server in case there are any mass moves in the discord that end of happening and we need to help lots of people with at a time with problems. I think I'm going to be really engaged with this server and have a lot of fun and hopefully meet new friendly people in the community. I also have a big standard set for when I am staff on servers and I'm thinking it will go very far.

Do you have any previous experience with moderating servers?:
Here is my Previous experience
Raiding MC as I started with helper and I worked my way to Jr mod as everyone enjoyed my company as been a staff but eventually server shut down.

Tell us about yourself.:
I am currently 18 doing engineering technology, mix of everything including programs and hardware first year of uni.

How much time can you dedicate to the server?:
Here is my schedule
I am mostly on everyday for 4-5 hours but on weekend I am on more than normal hours so usually 5pm eu time 10pm Monday -Thursday and if I have a day off or decide not to go to college then I would be on 10am - 10pm unless I get called to do something or family problem. Friday to Sunday 10am till I want.

Please list your strengths and weaknesses.:
Fast at typing
Good at taking in knowledge
Good knowledge about staff rules etc

I am not the best with grammar
In not really the best at reading

Is there anything else you feel we should know?:
Not really but I would just like to say thank you for taking the time out of your day / evening to read my staff applications.
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Overall a good application, but it might not have been the best choice to combine the three questions together, instead answer them separately, but good job.