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qw_'s Staff Application


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Section 1 - Basic Information

1.1) What is your current in-game name? qw_
1.2) How old are you? 17
1.3) Is your Minecraft account secured and migrated? If so, when was it migrated? Yes, my minecraft account is secured and migrated, it was migrated sometime in 2015.
1.4) What timezone do you live in? Eastern
1.5) Are you multilingual (fluent, not learning)? If so, what language? No, I am not multilingual.
1.6) Do you have Discord and a working microphone? If so, what is your Discord ID? Yes, my discord is qw_#7962

1.7) Is there a staff member that can vouch for you? PenguinHD can vouch for me, I have know him for almost 8 years now and worked with him in different staffing situations, which I will explain later within my application.

Section 2 - Experience

2.1) Why are you applying for a staff position on MapleCraft? I feel like I can make a positive impact on the server, and seeing that there are not many active helpers and staff members besides a few I've seen, and I feel I could make a change with that. I also feel like there is a lot of toxicity within the chat between big factions and I feel I could control it and make it better, making players have a better experience on the server.
2.2) Have you ever received any punishments on MapleCraft?, If so, what for and when? No, I have never received any punishments on MapleCraft.
2.3) Why should we choose you to become staff? I believe that you should choose me to become a part of the staff team for a few reasons. First off, I have a lot of experience with factions and the type of factions community that MapleCraft has in general. I have been playing on and off on MapleCraft even before it came out multiple dimensions, so I have a decent knowledge of how people are and how I can make the community even better. Also, I have a lot of experience with hackers and cheaters, dealing with them, and also fighting against them. It isn't always obvious to see a hacker/cheater but I will deal with those situations to the best of my ability, whether its having the person record, or myself record the hacker/cheater. I also feel like I am a very honest, trustworthy and helpful person.
2.4) In what way could you positively affect our community? First off, I feel like I can make a positive impact on the community of the server by managing chat more. There isn't a ton of active staff members to begin with that I have noticed, and I feel like there are a lot of newer players asking for help and no one is really there to answer them, and I would be able to help those players to the best of my ability. Also, I have a lot of experience with minecraft servers in general involving the communities. I've been playing minecraft for almost 7 years now, and I have definitely grown and learned the factions community better. I started out with Factions and it is one of the only game modes I actually enjoy to play. I started to finally learn how to pvp, raid and base build and finally learned the community of Factions. I do now enjoy different game modes such as prisons, skyblock, and mini-games but this is where I started and is where I continue to stay and enjoy playing. I also have a good pc so I am able to record and report hackers, cheaters or any type of rule breakers whenever necessary.
2.5) Do you have any previous experience with moderating servers? I have a decent amount of experience for moderation of servers. I have owned a server with PenguinHD, called UpriseMC, which is where I started to know him and we worked very well together. I was a helper on RiversideMC and worked my way up to Admin before the server shut down a few months afterwards. I have also been helper and moderator on some other servers that have shut down in the past, including StrivePvP, AstroMC, and VortexPvP. As my time being staff on these servers, I have learned to always follow my guidelines and if I do something wrong, to accept the punishment that I deserve for breaking the guidelines. I also have learned to be the fairest person in any situation, even if it is an ally or friend that I know.

Section 3 - About You

3.1) Tell us about yourself. I am a very helpful person, and I love to joke around, but am serious when needed to be. I don't usually take offence to anything unless it regards someone I care about.
3.2) How much time can you dedicate to the server? I can be on the server around 2-5 hours a day, weekends probably more around 4-7 hours, and I will let any staff member know if I am going out of town or cannot be on the server for any reason in advance if possible.
3.3) Please list your strengths and weaknesses. I believe that my best strengths are that I am very honest, active, and fair. I try my best to not be biased in situations and try to hear both sides. I think that I could still work on not getting so heated about certain situations and try to cool down and deal with it formally.

3.4) Is there anything else you feel we should know? If there is anything else that I feel you should know, I will add it :).
Thank you
- qw_