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Staff application - dall136

Section 1 - Basic Information

1.1) What is your current in-game name? My ingame name is dall136
1.2) How old are you? I am 17 years old
1.3) Is your Minecraft account secured and migrated? If so, when was it migrated? My account was migrated when I bought it, I don’t really remember, maybe 2 years ago.
1.4) What timezone do you live in? I live in the timezone: Central European Summer Time
1.5) Are you multilingual (fluent, not learning)? If so, what language? I speak danish, english and a bit Deutsch.
1.6) Do you have Discord and a working microphone? If so, what is your Discord ID? Yes i do have a working microphone, and my discord is dall136#9444
1.7) Is there a staff member that can vouch for you? I dont think so, they dont know me that well :)

Section 2 - Experience

2.1) Why are you applying for a staff position on MapleCraft? I like spending time on the server which is also shown on the amount of money i spent already, i think it has a lot of cool features, and i really like the staff members and most of the members also. The biggest reason i am applying for staff, is that i like helping people and being a part of a good community.
2.2) Have you ever received any punishments on MapleCraft?, If so, what for and when? I didn't recieve any punishments on MapleCraft.
2.3) Why should we choose you to become staff? I am the type of person that is fair, and isn't known like a unfair and mad person, also a lot of the time i play i dont see any staff members on, because of my timezone and that could be an advantage as i can be active when other staff members aren't.
2.4} In what way could you positively affect our community? I would definetly do everything i can to help people when they need it, like answering questions and warning/muting those who are breaking the rules. Also the fact that i'm active on the server, and dont have days that i doesn't play on.
2.5) Do you have any previous experience with moderating servers? I have before started small servers with my danish friends, been admin and mod on danish servers with over 100 players online everyday. I have owned a few servers with about 15-30 players online, but i didn't have too much time at the moment to be active online and also do the technical stuff.

Section 3 - About You

3.1) Tell us about yourself. As written before, I am 17 years old live in Denmark and have played minecraft for around 4.5 years. I played factions, towny and prison. I like building bases, farms and gathering money to the faction and my friends. In my spare time i study at "HHX" which is the danish name for business school.
3.2) How much time can you dedicate to the server? Monday-Friday i can play about 3-6 hours every day, and in the weekends i am able to play up to 12 hours a day.
3.3) Please list your strengths and weaknesses.
I am very active on the server, and also in the ingame chat
I am always trying to handle situations as smooth as possible
I like working with people and communicating with them
I am interested in the game and server, and always gathering new informations
I can get a bit mad when something is not working as it should, but it's not that bad

3.4) Is there anything else you feel we should know? I think its satisfying to spend money on this server.. xd