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staff application

1.1) What is your current in-game name?(mrbeastbrendon)
1.2) How old are you?(17)
1.3) Is your Minecraft account secured and migrated? If so, when was it migrated?(not so much)
1.4) What timezone do you live in?(est)
1.5) Are you multilingual (fluent, not learning)? If so, what language?(yes i speak perfect english and spanish)
1.6) Do you have Discord and a working microphone? If so, what is your Discord ID?(b.playz#0642)
1.7) Is there a staff member that can vouch for you?(no i dont know any)

Section 2 - Experience

2.1) Why are you applying for a staff position on MapleCraft?(i really want something to do in my time , i like working as a staff member. ive done it multiple times)
2.2) Have you ever received any punishments on MapleCraft?, If so, what for and when?(yes for hacks like 3 years ago. but i was a little kid with hacks, now im grown)
2.3) Why should we choose you to become staff?(ive been playing on this amazing server for years and because im really an OG in minecraft)
2.4} In what way could you positively affect our community?(i can stay on whenever and keep the server in control, and calm. ii will fix any problems on spot and fast.)
2.5) Do you have any previous experience with moderating servers?(yes on the archon and veltpvp)

Section 3 - About You

3.1) Tell us about yourself.(umm i live in miami im 16 i play foodball and basketball like playing minecrat and chillin with friends)
3.2) How much time can you dedicate to the server?(weekdays from 4-8/ some weekends all day)
3.3) Please list your strengths and weaknesses.(strenght im good with people and everyone listnes to me, weekness only real one is that i can pvp)
3.4) Is there anything else you feel we should know? ( not really i think you know everything)