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WallRemoved's Staff Application

Section 1 - Basic Information

1.1) What is your current in-game name? WallRemoved

1.2) How old are you? 15

1.3) Is your Minecraft account secured and migrated? If so, when was it migrated? Secure and the account is fully mine.

1.4) What timezone do you live in? Mountain standard (USA)

1.5) Are you multilingual (fluent, not learning)? If so, what language? I can only speak English.

1.6) Do you have Discord and a working microphone? If so, what is your Discord ID? I have discord and a microphone, my discord is Kenny #7684

1.7) Is there a staff member that can vouch for you? RefundMerch, and YouCantStrafe.

Section 2 - Experience

2.1) Why are you applying for a staff position on MapleCraft? I really enjoy playing Maplecraft and I would really like to become a part of the staff team. I really enjoy being staff and it always has a positive impact on me. Also I see in chat a lot that the server needs more staff I will be a great addition on keeping the server up and running.

2.2) Have you ever received any punishments on MapleCraft?, If so, what for and when? I've been warned once for Staff disrespect by FileFound i do not remember the specific date but it was towards the begging of the map.

2.3) Why should we choose you to become staff? You should choose me to become staff because I will constantly be playing and for that reason that will allow me to be very active and constantly being able to watch over the server making sure no rules are broken. I am also very experienced with playing factions I've been playing for almost 3 years on a variety of servers. With my experience I know how things go and how they work. Although this is my first map on maplecraft in this short period of time I have learned a lot about the sever and I know how everything works. Also I was previously staff on vipermc, I know a lot about cheaters and hackers and I know how to stop them dead in their tracks.

2.4} In what way could you positively affect our community? I can positively make a huge impact in this community, I am very dedicated to opportunities like this and I will always do my best to make sure this community is having fun and keeping safe by following the rules. Also, I am a very social person, I like to chat a lot and almost never ignore anyone. I like helping people out as much as I can, I can usually answer most of anyone's questions they have. I like to include everyone on that server not just the members with ranks as example because by helping out the people that aren't as familiar as some of us that will make them like the server more and that will help increase the amount of players will play. Also I do not tolerate any racism, disrespect. or threats basically anything on the rules I will be sure to punish the player for their actions and handle it fair and square so they do not feel abused against.

2.5) Do you have any previous experience with moderating servers? Yes, I was a moderator on Viper Hcf about a year and a half ago. I was a staff member there for about 4 months but then I retired due to me bring busy IRL.

Section 3 - About You

3.1) Tell us about yourself. ... I like to play tons of factions. I have player for several years and have learned tons about minecraft and the game. I am a really funny/talkative person no need to be shy around me! Its tons of banter and I have a good time with everyone as long as they are following the rules :). Also I am very into college basketball, my favorite team is the Duke Blue Devils. Lastly, I am in the faction nUg. Nug is a competitive faction that competes with other really good factions! Here in Nug we are professional minemen and that is a fact!

3.2) How much time can you dedicate to the server? I can dedicate a good amount of time to the server, I am currently playing on the White realm and I plan to for a while. When I play I usually can for a while, some days more than others but I would say 2+ hours a day on weekdays and probably 4-6 on weekends. Also I don't travel much so I will be home a lot and that means more time for the server.

3.3) Please list your strengths and weaknesses. I have a lot of strengths but few weaknesses. One of my strengths is that I am a very nice person and I will treat any matter with the amount of seriousness it needs. Another strength is that I am very active and I hardly ever play others servers I am mainly a factions bases guy. Next strength is that I have tons of experience about factions and minecraft in general i've been playing for years and I know what is right and what is wrong. My main weakness is probably that my computer isn't very good I can record hackers but its just not the best quality, I am hopefully getting a new pc this Christmas and that will allow me to record.

3.4) Is there anything else you feel we should know? I am a very good humored person I like jokes and bantering around. Also I play some others servers with the faction nUg, I am a Junior Mod in there and I usually play with them in my free time and its a really great faction and I have learned so much from them.

-Sincerely WallRemoved.