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xxsensesxx's Staff Application

1. xxsensesxx 2. im 14 3.It is migrated and was done so in 2016 4. NAE 5. I speak English and im learning Spanish 6. I have discord and a working mic and head set discord is The Only God#9545 7. no i do not know any staff 8. I would just like to help the server out really 9. No, no punishments 10. because when i was staff on royal craft i was very good at it and im also on 4-8 hours a day 11. I would help out with all the spam and hackers and create a nice and respectful envoirnment. 12. I do i was a sr.mod on royal craft. 13. Im 14 was born in USA and i like playing factions 14. 4-6 hours a day 15. Im very good at problem solving and my weakness is probally i play to many video games 16. nothing else
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