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ArabMan__ Staff Application EU

IGN: ArabMan__

Previous IGN: https://namemc.com/search?q=ArabMan__

Age (Must be 14 or older): 17


How do you believe you are viewed in the community? (Toxic/Neutral/Friendly):
I would definitely say I am more neutral in the community. I would say I am quite friendly but I will definitely try to become more friendly in the community especially if I get staff.

How active are/were you:
I am very active, in seven days I would probably have around 35-48 hours of playtime and I don't afk on this
account so that is all active playtime.

Can you contribute up to 10 hours a week minimal?
Definitely, I am very active

Why would you like to apply for MapleCraft?:
I really want to help MapleCraft and its community, I want to help clean up the server of toxic people(If there are going to be any), get rid of hackers/rule breakers, and I also just really think i am going to love this server and think the staff is super cool on here and would love to join the team. I really fell like im going to have a great time on the server and can't wait to continue playing on MapleCraft and hopefully becoming staff so I can help the server stay an amazing place and help stop toxic people and hackers. I think that hackers are a huge problem on any factions server now a days and can ruin the experience for anyone. I want to stop toxic people and hackers from ruining innocent players experience on the server. I am also a very fair person, I am never biased and always choose the right decisions. I am also a very hard worker and always try my best whenever I have a job to do. Those are the reasons I believe I should be staff on MapleCraft.

What would you do to benefit MapleCraft and its community?:
To benefit MapleCraft and its community I will be very active and always being helping out and paying attention to chat to punish people who do not follow the rules.I am a very active player and that will not change when I am a staff member. I will also always be attentive and always pay attention to chat to punish people who do not follow the rules and punish them accordingly. I also see a lot when I am on and I need staff to help me with something a lot of those times no staff is on and since I am very active I can help people during those times when no other staff is on.

What will you do to improve the community?:
I will help others on the server and become a staff member that is involved in the community. I will help players out whenever they need help and do whatever I can to resolve the situation. I would also like to be a very involved staff that is part of the community and really listens to players and what they might need help with or any suggestions I should pass along to higher ranked staff. I also really want to see the community grow on Maplecraft and make the community even stronger to get more daily active player and make their experience as enjoyable as possible.

Previous staff experiences (Provide reasoning for resignation/demotion):

I have been staff on a few smaller servers for short periods of time so I definitely now the basics of being staff on the server and the basic commands you would need to know. To be honest I don't have any proof or even remember the name of the servers because It was a long time ago.

Can you record?:

Do you have a microphone?:

Do you have Discord?:

Have you ever been banned on a Server?:
No i have not been banned on any server.

Do you vow that if you are accepted into the team that you will not harm, disrupt, or destroy MapleCraft and it's community?:
Yes, I do vow to not hurt the team or community in any manner.

Do you vow that during the time of Staffing you will follow our set of Staff Rules/Guidelines, not leak them and respect your fellow companions despite not liking them?:
Yes, I vow to follow staff rules and guidlines and not leak them to anyone.

Can you get along with most people even if you do not like them at all? And never be biased in your decisions as staff?
Yes, I am very good with getting along with other people on the server and I try to be as nice as possible. I do believe that I can become friendly with most people on the server. I also promise I will not be biased in any of my decisions as a staff member.

Do you understand that we can demote you at any time for anything?:
Yes, I completely understand I can be demoted at any time for anything.


Btw i did not know the questions to answer, so i made my own questions, Thanks.