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BigAfrican Staff Applications

Hello minemen, For Section 1 - Basic Information:
my in game name is BigAfrican at moment,
1- i am 18 years old
2- i have an EU timezone (gmt+1)
3- i speak Arabic, french and english
4- yes i do have a discord and a working microphone, it's not the best microphone but it does the job
5- i believe that Firechain and Skulluver can vouch for me not because we are in the same faction but we actually know each other (not irl)

Section 2 - Experience
2.1- i just wanna help the community and fill the staff timegap and control the chat as a helper and i will be available for everyone who needs help in game/discord
2.2- i think so, i've been warned for using caps twice so far, i don't wanna bring excuses but i usually talk with caps in /f c f and i forgot to write /f c p
2.3- i've been playing in the eu timezone for a week now and it's only penguinHD as EU staff and he barley logs in plus he is not that active(i am not claiming that i am more active than him or i can replace him but tbh there is spammers and childish players that we need to control while no one is on)
2.4- yes i have a good experience in factions and a bit about being stafff(ofc i am gonna need sufficient proof to punish the player) but i can actually help new player in need
2.5- not really but i am mature enough and i usually talk with many staff and i know how to do my job,
Section 3 - About You
3.1- well me as a person in game i like factions i have been playing it for a long time now and i own the faction Science with l0ol, besides i am a chill guy irl, i usually get in discord calls once i launch my computer because it's easier to communicate/deal with people x)
3.2- well it depends, sometimes i can do 9hours straight and sometimes i can do 1h but usually i play like 3-4hours a day because i have a faction to run and they always need me , and i have stuff in my life
3.4 first i wanna start with my weakness, i hate it when people start yelling on me and disrespect me i usually leave them straight to avoid being toxic and my strength are that i am patience and honest all the time
3.5 i am able to record 24/7 incase a hacker pops toggle or do something dirty plus maybe i have some grammar mistakes and it's cuz i didn't take my time, i wrote this in under 10min
+1 great person in general. Extremely calm. Always trying to make stronger valuable decisions when asked for help. I understand first time staff apps, been there. Your app does not define you and we all have learning to do. I would give you a 10 for effort and love to see you as helper. Good luck. #BigAfricanforStaff
I used to spend hours writing staff applications for different servers. I think this has had quite a bit of thought put into it. Nice Job!