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Concealable's Staff Application

Section 1 - Basic Information

1.1) Concealable
1.2) 15
1.3) Secured and migrated just not sure when it was migrated.
1.4) EST
1.5) No, I only speak English
1.6) Yes, Concealable#9601
1.7) Skulluver

Section 2 - Experience

I'm applying on Maplecraft to help me improve my leadership skills, my communication skills, and to gain more experience. I've been staff on multiple servers and at every server I learn something new, ultimately helping me improve myself and become a better person. Currently, I've only ever been a skyblock staff member despite the countless factions servers I could have been apart of, and I've always wanted to learn about factions and improve in the ability to help others with it as well. Considering the experience that I do have along with the learning style that I posses, I think it would benefit me the most to play on a larger server surrounded by people who have been doing this longer than me so that I have something to strive to be as good as, if not better. So my main goal with Maplecraft is to become a better staff member in relation to a factions server and help make the community a safer, but fun place.

One good reason to choose me is that I'm willing to go out of my comfort zone or break my time schedule to help someone else or attempt to make their experience on a server the best it possibly can be. I hate to watch people suffer so I'll hop in and help anytime I can, because nothing beats how happy someone can get just be going out of your way, even the smallest amount. Another reason is that I have dedication on levels you might rarely see anywhere. Once I start a project, it's hard to get me stop simply because I have a passion for anything I do and if helping someone is involved, you can sign me up.

I could bring many traits and abilities to the table that I guarantee you would want in the team. Some of these include; Helpfulness, dedication, advanced problem solving, the willingness to help with anything asked of me, respectfulness, listening, and understanding. I will use a combination of everything listed above and bring together a reliable, trustworthy staff member.

Mine-Zone [20+ Players] (Closed) - Helper -> Admin - This was the first server I ever worked on and I owe it all the credit for who I am today. It taught me the basics of being a staff member and set the foundation for everything I know now.

VanityMC (1000+ Players) – Helper – Vanity was the biggest server I had ever worked for, and it was extremely different from any other server I had ever seen. For example, staff were to avoid conversations with players as much as possible. We could help them, but just not to have any off topic conversations. It taught me a lot about adjusting to new concepts or rules while also teaching me how to handle a much bigger community.

ArcadeWars [600+ players then] (300+ Players) - Helper -> Senior Moderator - ArcadeWars was my first big break in which I learned a lot. I started to understand more about servers as well as learn how things should be done. A few of the staff members there were very supportive and understanding which was really how I started to learn and grow. As a new helper I had access to history, warn, and tempmute which really limited the number of problems I could solve. However, I quickly realized this was a genius idea because it taught the new helpers to communicate with the higher ranked staff members for bans, unwarns, etc. It was a great learning experience and showed me the true meaning of being staff.

ArkhamNetwork (400+ Players) - Helper - I learned a lot about toxicity and how you shouldn't let it get to you. They did things a lot different from ArcadeWars so it was hard to change but I learned a lot about adjusting to new things.

NoxiousPvP [200+ players then] (Failed) - Helper - I learned a lot about working with a team to put together a release, sadly this server was extremely rushed to put together and I saw 0 chance of the server working out. I decided to leave, but the experience I received carries on. I now understand that you can't rush updates and revamps, but you also can't take too long either.

Section 3 - About You

To start things off, I've never been really good at communicating due to my ADHD. Ultimately, the ADHD made me feel like I'm practically useless when it comes to speaking, however, I didn't let that stop me. As I got older, I started learning more vocabulary and became a decent writer. Coincidently, I take pride in my writing because it's a way to express myself in other ways than speaking. Expressing yourself is one of the biggest things that make me happy because there is so many ways you can do it. For example, my favorite is music. I'm in the marching band, concert band, and jazz band at my school and although it sounds like a lot, I wouldn't give it up for anything because of the freedom it gives you.

Around 20+ hours a week!

3.3) Please list your strengths and weaknesses.
- Dedication
- Writing
- Problem Solving
- Anger Management
- Listening

- Speaking
- Focusing

3.4) Is there anything else you feel we should know?
I believe it's not age that makes you who you are, or decides who you will be. It's the willingness to change and adjust to the feedback given to you by friends, but mostly those you love.