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n943's Staff Application


New member
1.1) n943
1.2) 15
1.3) it is secured but not migrated.
1.4) BST
1.5) no
1.6) yes tag: n943#8195
1.7) idk

2.1) Because i would like to contribute to the server and help people out.
2.2) no
2.3) I am able to come on every day for about 4-5 hours weekday and weekend 10-12
2.4) I can help out with people as in help with any problems or troubles they have and i can catch hackers.
2.5) yes

3.1) I am alot of fun to hang out with i can be serious and funny when playing i dont rage when ever i die too many times.
3.2) 4-5 hours on weekdays 10-12 on weekends
3.3) I am good at pvp, i am good at catching hackers, i am good at taking control when someone is trying annoy everyone.
3.4) No